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Pre-University (12)

Ready for University. Ready for Life.

Unique to LCC is its Pre-University: Grade 12 Program, which offers an enriched curriculum and personalized academic counselling. The quality and scope of the one-year program not only provides sound preparation for university entrance, it fosters responsibility, perseverance and leadership that will serve the graduate throughout university and into professional life. During this transitional year to university, we focus on the full development of every student. In particular, we recognize our students’ growing desire for independence and self-reliance, which is complemented by the school’s structure and support.

Small class sizes ensure that students participate actively in the learning process and gain invaluable feedback on their work. In this intimate learning environment, students become partners in the educational process and are encouraged to debate, discuss and challenge conventional thinking. Teachers engage, motivate and encourage them to help develop their understanding of key concepts and reach their academic potential.

Fast Facts

In 2016, 21 students completed Year 2 of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and 37 students were enrolled in the grade 12 curriculum of Pre-U, with seven students taking at least one IB course.

Fast Facts

The class of 2016 submitted 456 applications to 164 universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, with all students securing admission to more than one institution.

Fast Facts

Two students submitted applications to five European (Norway and France) universities.

Fast Facts

The class of 2016 consisted of 58 students: 23 students were new to the LCC community and 35 were LCC graduates.

Course Offerings

With guidance from Academic Advisors, students choose English plus five courses from an array of options. They benefit from personalized university counselling, and their progress is monitored to ensure that their options meet the entrance requirements of their chosen university.

Pre-U Course Options (students must select five options, plus English)

Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Physics
Advanced Placement Calculus (AB)
Advanced Placement Psychology (online)
Communication Technology
Calculus and Vectors
Canada and World Issues

Mathematics of Data Management
Political Science
Visual Art

“By the end of the program, I was prepared not only to take on university, but also confident enough in myself to know that I’d be successful anywhere.” Emilie Kneifel (Pre-U ’15)

Pre-U View Book

“Pre-University: Grade 12 was – without a doubt – one of the hardest school years for me. Yet, I leave LCC with more ambition, more motivation and even more of a love for working hard than I ever thought I could have. Pre-U is a rigorous program, but even more rewarding, and I firmly believe that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.” Zoe Frank (Pre-U ’15)
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