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Annual Giving

I just like the idea of the school being accessible to kids whose parents can’t afford it.
I always knew LCC to be a terrific school; I grew up playing hockey at the old outdoor arena, and since my kids have been here, it’s become even better, thanks to the capital campaigns. Norman Hacker

The ABC Fund:
Academics, Bursaries, Co-curriculars
The 2016-2017 annual giving campaign focused on these projects:

Transforming our classrooms for the 21st century requires mobile furniture, wall-to-wall whiteboards and added technology. These new Active Learning Classrooms encourage collaboration, increase student motivation and performance, and also address different learning styles.

At LCC, 1 in 7 students receives financial aid. A contribution to bursaries provides direct financial assistance to qualified students who could not otherwise afford tuition.

LCC is currently planning for a Fab Lab following the model developed at MIT. Our current Fabrication Lab empowers students to become entrepreneurs, innovators and makers of virtually anything, from furniture to electronics, regardless of skill level. Nine new items need to be purchased from downdraft tables to shop tools and rapid prototyping.

Academics: Active Learning Classroom

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Co-curriculars: Fabrication Lab

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