The Power to Be @ LCC: Montreal's Leading Global School

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Ask LCC students, parents, teachers, or alumni what makes LCC a special place and they will tell you: a strong community, abundant opportunities, a culture of excellence, and exceptional resources.

As educators, we understand that these defining characteristics are central to a student’s journey in discovering all that he or she can be—whatever that may be. And this strikes at the core of our philosophy.

At LCC, there is a genuine sense of pride and belonging that is shared across our four school divisions and in all layers of school life. Our school offers a host of opportunities, allowing students to try new things and stretch boundaries in a safe environment while supporting their fullest development in mind, body, and heart. And, outstanding resources help make all of this possible. We are fortunate to have some of the best facilities in the city, which are complemented by innovative programming and teachers prepared to go the extra mile.

As a global school, we promote understanding and learning of world cultures to expose students to different ways of thinking and living. Our students are part of an emerging community that transcends borders, and we are committed to helping them prepare for their role in an evolving global society.

We live our motto—Non Nobis Solum/Not For Ourselves Alone. This means instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in our students, and ensuring that everyone has the chance to make a difference in the lives of others, locally or on a global level.

We pride ourselves on our leadership in education, and teach in a way that captures the imagination of our students. We invite you to discover for yourself all that makes LCC extraordinary.