Faculty Profile: Maxine Rupert

Athletic Coordinator and CAS Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

It’s no great surprise that Maxine Rupert would find herself pursuing a career in athletics, having been an active competitor and coach from a young age. Fuelled by a passion for sports, she began working for Lakeshore Soccer while coaching basketball and serving on the Board of Directors of both Lakeshore Soccer and Lakers Basketball. With athletics in her blood, and having returned to school to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in child studies, a position at LCC as the administrative assistant to the athletic director seemed to her to be the perfect fit.

Since that time in 2008, Ms. Rupert’s role has expanded and evolved. Today, she oversees girls’ athletics, coaches five teams, organizes tournaments and manages schedules. Her primary goal is to get as many students involved as possible, and to keep them involved. “I hope to be a positive role model and to nurture a love for sports and physical activity,” says Ms. Rupert. “Athletics can instill a great deal of confidence in girls. Being part of a team can foster the development of important life skills as well as friendships with teammates.”

A woman of many and diverse talents, Ms. Rupert is also the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Coordinator for the school’s IB Diploma Programme. In this role, she provides guidance to students for the 18-month period during which they are pursuing various projects in order to complete their CAS portfolio. “I try to inspire the students to be original and to think creatively,” she says. “So much of what they do is structured, but this component of the programme allows them to choose something that they would like to explore.”

Ms. Rupert’s students amaze her on a daily basis. She is impressed by how they interact with her and with each other, by the confidence they display when speaking at assemblies, or simply by how they present themselves. She feels lucky, not only because she gets to be around such inspiring, young individuals, but also because at LCC she is encouraged to be creative. “Someone is always willing to consider your ideas and to support them if they believe that they have value,” she says. “I’m also so fortunate to be working in athletics. Not everyone who is passionate about sports actually gets to make a career out of it.”

Ms. Rupert’s hope for her students is that they take advantage of all that is offered here at LCC. “My advice to them is that they should be open-minded and explore new things,” she says. “They should find a way to stay active for both their mental and physical health and pay attention to the valuable lessons that a team environment can bring. And, above all, they should just enjoy themselves.”