Staff Profile: Kyle Williams

Graphic Designer

Kyle Williams might have you believe that a successful graphic designer is simply someone who is keeping up to date on new trends, styles and colours, looking for inspiration from various sources, and developing keen observation skills. “I used to think that you were born with talent and that you had to be an artist,” he says, “but now I think that you just have to work at it.” While this may be true, one only has to look at the myriad of materials that he has produced, for LCC and others, to know that talent and creativity are fundamental characteristics of a design professional.

With an educational background in both graphic design and illustration, Mr. Williams put his artistic abilities to work in the book publishing and clothing industries before entering into the world of education. As a freelancer, Mr. Williams also worked for many different types of clients, including a water bottle company in Dubai, for whom he designed bottle labels. But it was the work that he did for a QAIS sister school (Quebec Association of Independent Schools) that convinced the LCC interview team that Mr. Williams was the ideal candidate to be LCC’s graphic designer.

Mr. Williams is LCC’s go-to person for brochures, posters, promotional items and website design. He is also the resident photographer and school decor advisor and, from time to time, may be called upon by a teacher to present the ins and outs of graphic design to their class. “I like the fact that my work is different every day,” Mr. Williams says. “There’s no routine.” And playing on the staff hockey team is a great perk for him. “As a very social person, I enjoy the family-type environment and interacting with a lot of different people.”

Beyond the LCC walls, Mr. Williams can be found in front of an easel combining his passions for painting and hockey. With aspirations to one day sell his work to art galleries, he wishes that he had more time to devote to his painting. His piece depicting Ken Dryden in his legendary pose was sold at a Selwyn House fundraiser for $2,500.

For students thinking about graphic design as a career choice, Mr. Williams advises them to “do their research, read, get ideas from others, look at trends in magazines and books, and just keep learning.”