Faculty Profile: Shoshana Weinberger

Junior School Math Teacher

It may have taken some time for Shoshana Weinberger to discover what she wanted to do in life, but once exposed to the art of teaching, she set out on that career path and hasn’t strayed.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University, Ms. Weinberger was searching for a part-time job and, by chance, was asked to work at an afternoon Hebrew school. A love for teaching was kindled and after working briefly as a teacher’s assistant, she made the decision to get her teacher’s diploma. Fresh out of school once again, she initially began substitute teaching at various schools and it was then that she was introduced to LCC.

“I loved the times when I would come to LCC,” she says. “The staff was so warm and welcoming. I didn’t get that same feeling at the other schools.” Fortunately for her, a replacement position became available and Ms. Weinberger jumped at the opportunity to teach kindergarten for a six-month period. She was so devoted to the school and her newfound family that even after the contract had ended, she turned down a job at another school in the hopes that something would materialize at LCC.

And it did. Ten years later, Ms. Weinberger is still singing the praises of LCC and the people with whom she surrounds herself. “If something is good in your life, they celebrate with you. If something is not going well, they support you,” she says. “I can’t wait to come to work every day to see my friends and my students. I feel very privileged.”

Ms. Weinberger has a well-defined approach to her teaching. “I call it the triple-F,” she says. “Firm, fair and fun. Kids need to know that I am in charge, but I also need to do things fairly. And I want them to know that math can be fun!” She knows that students can sometimes become afraid of math and she encourages them to never give up. It would seem that this approach – which is how she parents as well – is working. When she walks into class, Ms. Weinberger gets cheers from her students who are excited that they will be delving into the world of numbers for the next period.

Though Ms. Weinberger can easily find the fun in math, she is also quick to jump on other opportunities at LCC to have some fun. She danced her way into 42nd Street, the staff musical, and sung her heart out in Fiddler on the Roof. “It’s an experience that I never thought I would have in my adult life,” she says. “It was definitely a real highlight.”

Ms. Weinberger enjoys being able to watch her students grow through the years. “Because I started in kindergarten and then switched to grades 1 and 2,” she says, “I taught the same kids for three years. So I became very close to them. Now they’re in grade 10. They still remember me and will come by and say hello.” Keep learning is the best piece of advice that she can give to both her current and former students.