Strategic Plan

Vision 20/20: Global Pathways

Throughout our history, we have been true to our mission. We are committed to the fullest development of students in mind, body, and heart, preparing them for success and leadership in a sustainable global society. As a school, we are constantly striving to enhance, improve and further develop our practices, resources and strategies, to fulfill this mission and to support our students’ academic and personal development throughout their LCC journey and beyond.

Our strength as a school is fueled by the pride we have in our community. It is derived from our commitment to remain forward thinking and to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our students. We have been – and will continue to be – bold in our approach. Much has been achieved, but as the global landscape evolves, so must we, to ensure that our students are fully prepared to be active members of the world community. Our new strategic plan, Vision 20/20: Global Pathways, reflects this and, as always, places the student at the centre of our vision.

We have identified three strategic areas for the next five years:

  1. Expanding our community to increase diversity and accessibility to qualified students from around the world who merit an LCC education.
  2. Ensuring our school’s sustainable future by expanding our leadership and strengthening the culture of philanthropy.
  3. Focusing on teaching and learning in a new paradigm to keep pace with the changing world of education.

Committing to these three areas paves the way for our students and future generations of LCC.

Strategic Areas


Creating a learning environment that reflects the diverse world in which we live is essential for the academic, intellectual and emotional growth of our students. We value the differences in our students and recognize that their varied backgrounds, experiences, cultures and socioeconomic circumstances bring new perspectives. It is our priority to continue to create greater diversity among our student community and to be leaders in developing engaged global citizens.

LCC commits to:

  • Building endowments to increase accessibility.
  • Positioning itself as “Montreal’s Global School."


LCC’s reputation has been built on the strength of its community and ability to provide high-level academic and co-curricular programming. The exceptional programs and quality of their delivery, the caliber of students, and the ways in which their LCC experience serves them in achieving success beyond graduation, have all helped to establish a highly regarded institution.

It is our priority to sustain and further strengthen our position and to convey the true value of the LCC educational experience.

LCC commits to:

  • Finalizing and preparing an effective transition strategy so that LCC can become fully independent should the need arise.
  • Expanding our Board of Governors to include additional leadership and expertise in fundraising.
  • Strengthening the culture of philanthropy within our community.
  • Engaging alumni to serve as school ambassadors.
  • Creating greater understanding of the value of an LCC education by focusing on faculty, student and alumni achievements


We recognize that learning is a journey, not a destination; one where flexibility allows for students to learn in their unique ways, where they are active participants in their educational growth and development, and where learning is multidirectional: students learn from teachers, teachers learn from students, and students from one another.

It is our priority, within an ever-evolving global society, to consistently adapt our teaching and classrooms, to ignite curiosity, inspire inquiry, and foster students’ ownership of learning.

LCC commits to:

  • Integrating a culture of health, wellness and balance among faculty, staff and students.
  • Developing a curriculum, while building on essential skills, that adapts innovatively to the realities of global citizenship in the 21st century.
  • Providing structure and strategy that cultivate lifelong independent learning.
  • Ensuring high-quality faculty performance across all divisions.
  • Supporting faculty in a new teaching and learning paradigm.
  • Ensuring that our facilities are modern to stay current with pedagogical practices.
  • Strengthening communication between parents, students and the faculty.