Active Learning

The Active Learning Classroom: A Flexible Learning Environment for Children

At LCC, we know that the design of any learning space has a significant impact on student and teacher interactions and students’ engagement with course material. LCC has already begun to transform its learning environments into Active Learning Classrooms where layout:

  • augments student collaboration
  • facilitates sharing of ideas
  • allows for demonstration of students’ thinking in a variety of ways

This innovative approach embraces diverse learning preferences, enabling teachers to see the students’ thinking process and modify instruction and practices according to student needs.

The Classroom Evolved

  • Mobile furniture with height-adjustable desks and collaborative workstations mean that students can be sitting, standing, working in groups or alone.
  • There is no front of classroom. Focus is on student learning with teacher instruction occurring in the space most appropriate for the task at hand.
  • Whiteboards – powerful learning tools – are placed at the students’ level to encourage sharing of learning.
  • Apple TV + iPads + student + teacher = enormous learning potential.

A Host of Benefits

  • Students learn to collaborate and there is more peer-to-peer discussion.
  • Students are more engaged in the learning process and have greater opportunity to think about, talk about and process course material.
  • Students learn about themselves as they discover where and how they learn best in the classroom.
  • Students are encouraged to move which helps to keep them alert and focused.
  • Students are more invested and motivated, retain more information and therefore perform better.
  • Feeling comfortable in the classroom creates positive attitudes toward learning as everyone has his or her unique place to learn.
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