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Academic Advising

Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Education

Through our academic advising program, Senior School students receive ongoing support and guidance to help map out their future path. The goal of the academic advising program is to support students in identifying their “fit criteria” so that they can define and reach their educational, career and life goals. With this perspective in mind, our academic advisors provide a wealth of information on CEGEP and university options, application strategies, summer opportunities and career possibilities. Through the dedicated academic advising course, "UPrep" Wednesday workshops, and on an individual basis, students are encouraged to explore a range of post-secondary options and opportunities for academic and personal enrichment. Here’s how we support students:

Connecting Students with the Community

LCC offers an array of opportunities that help inform student decisions. Here’s how:

  • A career speakers series organized by the academic advising team, the LCC alumni office and students that invites professionals from various fields to speak about their careers. The series includes journalists, health care professionals, lawyers and marketing professionals, to name a few.
  • Maintaining connections with LCC graduates and inviting them to speak with students about their CEGEP and university experiences provide insight into specific aspects of the university application process, and serve as an LCC alumni connection at their respective university.
  • Guest speakers from Canadian, American and International universities present on a variety of topics: the admissions process, preparing to transition to post-secondary life and the road to employment
  • Information sessions with university and CEGEP admission representatives from all over the world take place on campus
  • University tour visits are organized

"UPrep" Wednesday Workshops

"UPrep" Wednesdays is an optional after-school activity focused on university preparation and application processes. Each week there are different topics and presentations relevant for students in grades 10 through to Pre-U. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions on how to prepare university applications for the US, Canada and the UK, students can also learn about different academic programs and university choices from post-secondary institutions around the world. Representatives from a range of universities are invited to work with students providing insight into how to best prepare their application for admission review.

While a significant focus of the Wednesday workshops is on the Common Application, which is used by thousands of American universities and colleges, students are introduced to college research techniques and resources, applications and personal statements for universities in the UK, writing essays for applications, scholarships, summer programs and supplements. In following the academic program offered through the Wednesday workshops, by the time students graduate grade 11, the main parts of their US and UK applications will be complete, including the college essays and supplements.

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From the LION Magazine

How the Academic Advisor Helps

  • Maintains a library of post-secondary options
  • Liaises with admission officers at post-secondary institutions
  • Hosts information evenings for post-secondary schooling
  • Prepares materials such as transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • In collaboration with the LCC alumni office, connects students with professionals in the community