Learning Support (LEAD)

We learn in a different way and we need more help. LCC LEAD Student

What is LEAD?

The role of the Learning Enrichment and Development (LEAD) Centre at Lower Canada College is to enable and support the diverse learners in LCC’s community. LEAD promotes research-based educational practices in collaboration with LCC teachers at all levels.


  • Appreciate and respond to significant differences in individual students’ modes of learning, self-regulatory processes, use of learning strategies, time-management skills, and executive functioning profiles;
  • Facilitate academic success for all students regardless of their learning profiles;
  • Support teachers to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the classroom;
  • Support LCC’s understanding and use of current best educational practices for diverse learners.

The History of LEAD at Lower Canada College

The LEAD program began in November 2002, in a tiny office, and only involved one part-time teacher, LEAD founder Judy Shenker, and five Junior School children. Today, the LEAD department provides direct service to more than 100 students and employs six full-time and two part-time teachers, as well as one administrative assistant.

The LEAD Space

In order to provide service to our growing numbers of LEAD students, the LEAD department is located in a beautiful, modern space on LCC’s second floor, conveniently situated between the Junior School and the Middle and Senior Schools.

Applicants with Assessments

Parents of students with a psycho-educational evaluations, an IEP or other assessments are asked to include this information as part of the application. Full reports are required along with the most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP). Parents are also asked to disclose if the applicant is scheduled to have an assessment for the first time. Note that participation in this program is limited.

Learning Enrichment And Development

Support students with diverse learning needs.

Setting individual goals for myself, learning new things and doing my homework. LCC LEAD Student
A good learning environment and workspace with a great helping hand if needed. And it is a fun place.

LCC LEAD Student