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Middle School (7-8)

A Pivotal Time of Academic and Social Development

The Middle School years are an integral link between the Junior and Senior Schools and are rich with opportunities for academic, intellectual and personal growth. In this first year of the IB Middle Years Programme, we focus on critical thinking in a supportive environment and helping students link their studies to the real world. Middle School features a progressive, student-centred academic program and an extensive co-curricular program that includes athletics, the arts, leadership activities and community service.

Middle School teachers actively challenge their students, helping them to develop the literacy, numeracy and learning skills that they will need for the rigours of the Senior School program. Students learn in an iPad environment that reinforces the development of independent learning. They are encouraged to think creatively, take intellectual risks, and reflect on their own learning styles.

The Middle School academic program is diverse and challenging. Read below for details about our course offerings.


Course offerings



Tammy Groff: Director

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Technology in the Classroom