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Pre-University (12)

Ready for University. Ready for Life.

LCC offers Montreal's longest-standing Pre-University: Grade 12 Program, with an enriched curriculum and personalized academic counselling. The quality and scope of the one-year program not only provides sound preparation for university entrance, it fosters responsibility, perseverance and leadership that will serve the Pre-U graduate throughout university and into professional life. During this transitional year to university, we focus on the full development of every student. In particular, we recognize our students’ growing desire for independence and self-reliance, which is complemented by the school’s structure and support.

Small class sizes ensure that students participate actively in the learning process and gain invaluable feedback on their work. In this intimate learning environment, students become partners in the educational process and are encouraged to debate, discuss and challenge conventional thinking. Teachers engage, motivate and encourage them to help develop their understanding of key concepts and reach their academic potential.

Fast Facts

The Class of 2019 submitted 595 applications to 126 universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world, with all students securing admission to more than one school.

Fast Facts

Forty-four students from the Class of 2019 chose to attend university in Canada.

Fast Facts

Members of the Pre-U Class of 2019 were offered a variety of scholarships and bursaries from universities in Canada and the US, ranging from $500 annually to more than $80,000 over four years. One student was offered a full tuition scholarship for a Canadian university valued at $140,000.

Fast Facts

Thirty students graduated with High Honours (90% plus) and 19 with Honours (85% plus).

Course Offerings & Technology

With guidance from Academic Advisors, students choose English plus five courses from an array of options. They benefit from personalized university counselling, and their progress is monitored to ensure that their options meet the entrance requirements of their chosen university.

Technology used in the classroom helps students develop a set of skills that are critical for post-secondary study and their professional life. 

Pre-U Course Options (students must select five options, plus English):

Calculus and Vectors
Advanced Placement Calculus (AB)
Mathematics of Data Management
IB Chemistry SL (one-year option)
Advanced Chemistry
IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL (one-year option)
Advanced Physics
Introduction to Kinesiology
IB Global Politics SL (one-year option)
IB History SL (one-year option)

Advanced Placement Psychology (with an online component)
IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL
Visual Art
Communications Technology

My Pre-U experience challenged me, allowed me to flourish both academically and personally, and above all, is a time I cherished. To be surrounded by passionate and driven students, and supported by an incredible faculty through the difficult process of transitioning to college, was invaluable.

Jamie Mayers (Pre-U ’18)

Pre-U Viewbook