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Senior School (9-11)

A Wealth of Opportunities and Possibilities

LCC’s Senior School is designed to develop well-balanced students — enthusiastic learners and citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of university. Grade 9, 10 and 11 students know that they are preparing not only for their future studies, but also for lives as passionate and engaged members of our society. Senior School is a student-centred learning environment, where students work independently, problem solve, think critically and create.

The core courses are wide-ranging and students may also choose courses of personal interest as they continue through the program. Grade 9 students can select between three optional courses in the arts – music, drama or visual art. In grade 10, we expand the number of options to encourage students to continue in an artistic discipline for which they have passion or explore a totally different course, such as design and innovation or computer programming.

The grade 11 program contains even more choice and options. In addition to completing the Quebec High School Diploma students can also pursue Year 1 of the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. All students select three optional courses from a wide list of offerings to prepare them for the arts, sciences, business or other potential fields of study.

Course Offerings


IB Diploma and Middle Years Programmes

LCC is certified as an IB Middle Years & Diploma Programme school. 

We are also the only English high school in Montreal offering both programmes. 



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