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When it comes to something as important as your children's education, finding the right fit means selecting a place that welcomes them and provides them with a sense of belonging, a place where your child feels respected and encouraged to learn, grow and thrive.

To get a real sense of all that we have to offer, browse our website or check out one of our webinars. You can always contact the LCC Admissions Office. We're here to help.

LCC By Numbers


Average class size

20 students

International Students

20% of the student population

Graduation rate


Financial Aid & Awards

~$2.3 million annually

Student Services Team

12 staff members including one full-time nurse

International Baccalaureate World School

Offering Middle Years and Diploma Programmes


>70 athletic teams, 20 sports, 30 clubs and much more

The LCC Community:

A Place to Belong... Learn How

Parent Testimonial

We chose LCC for our children because of the excellent feedback we heard from friends and colleagues, and it has been a wonderful journey for the entire family. LCC has incredible teachers and staff, top-level facilities, an amazing sense of community and family, and a nurturing environment. Although it’s a bit of a drive to school each morning, we feel great knowing that we're dropping off our children at a solid educational institution and that they are very happy to be there.

A. Djojonegoro & C. Salvo, Parents of Students in the Classes of ’33 and ’36

Parent Testimonial

The facilities are amazing and the campus is beautiful, but that is not the best of LCC. The diverse and devoted teachers and coaches are second to none. They encourage the students to become themselves and excel in a wide variety of areas. They are our partners in fostering good global citizens and care about each individual student. The opportunities at LCC are unparalleled in Quebec.

Karyn Lassner, Parent of Students in the Classes of '24 and '22, Pre-U '23

Student Testimonial

One of the things that makes LCC unique and outstanding is its diversity. As diversity head, I got to see how international students shine inside and outside of classrooms with their diverse cultural background...Teachers and the community in general really give all students the opportunity to voice their opinions and showcase their uniqueness. 

Canran Xue '20, Pre-U '21

Parent Testimonial

The experience that LCC has provided our daughter is unparalleled. As new parents two years ago, we weren't quite sure what to expect, but LCC has surpassed our expectations in many ways, be it athletics, co-curriculars, and of course academics. But most of all, we are so thrilled with the caring community that our daughter has been welcomed into. The care, social structure and individual guidance that LCC students receive is exceptional.

Carrie Mazoff, Parent of Student in the Class of '23, Pre-U '24

Student Testimonial

LCC is truly a fantastic school. By practically every metric of excellence, it exceeds expectations by maintaining a “students first” attitude and demonstrating scrupulous attention to detail when it comes to the unique differences between students. My experiences with this school have been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, they have kindled a deeper passion for learning in me—one which I will carry with me as I attend institutions of higher learning...

Alexander Laurin '22

Parent Testimonial

We wanted a learning environment for our children that offered them multiple opportunities to discover and explore their interests both in and out of the classroom while they developed their sense of community and social responsibility, as well as their leadership skills. The faculty and staff have demonstrated their exceptional commitment to doing just that even in the face of unprecedented challenges. Within days of the decision to keep our children safe at home, the faculty were able to pivot and provide meaningful learning experiences virtually, soliciting feedback to improve and adapt to the students' needs...

Shannon Fraser, Parent of Students in the Classes of '22 and '24

Student Testimonial

The high level of academic expectations fostered by the faculty and the encouragement to participate in a wide variety of amazing co-curricular activities make LCC unique. Having the support of teachers and coaches makes the challenge of being a student athlete an attainable goal. The LCC Lion Pride will remain with me forever.

Adam Lieblein '21

Parent Testimonial

My son was an LCC student since kindergarten through to Pre-U, and throughout his time he went to school everyday with a smile! LCC is a school that engages its students, nurtures and teaches, motivates and promotes curiosity, and instills a love a learning in a warm and friendly environment...LCC’s strong sense of community and culture of caring means that students, parents, faculty and staff work together to ensure every child is learning and growing, involved, and happy. With its excellent resources and facilities, caring faculty and staff, and holistic approach to education, there is no better learning environment in Montreal.

Heidi Drymer, Parent of Student in the Class of '21, Pre-U '22

Student Testimonial

Being at Lower Canada College for nine years has allowed me to flourish not only academically but as a person as well. The teachers, the students, the environment, the activities and the education make LCC an outstanding school. When you are at LCC, you are not only at a school you are a part of a family. The students and the staff are all supportive, which makes learning both enjoyable and empowering...

Emma Chen '24

Parent Testimonial

...The LCC community is certainly one that looks out for its students on every level, and one of the best examples is how the school reacted to recent Covid-19 regulations. Overnight, and with absolutely no time to prepare, the faculty and staff members went above and beyond all parents' expectations to ensure the students' online classes and experiences were most positive and productive. It was incredibly impressive to witness how everything unfolded and the emphasis the teachers (and school) placed on making sure that, from the onset, the students felt calm, happy and reassured...

Suzanne Csik, Parent of Student in the Class of '21

Student Testimonial

I’ve attended LCC for many years, originally arriving as an international student. Upon my arrival, I was greeted kindly and could instantly feel the warm and well-intentioned community surrounding me. Since then, I’ve have had nothing but a positive experience. I take pride in the school’s remarkable facilities, which include the Assaly Arts Centre, the Fab Lab, the fitness centre, and indoor arena, to cater to the unique interests of each and every student...

Victoria Opolot '22, Pre-U '23