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Tuition & Fees

Tuition fees are set in the spring preceding the new academic year. The fees for 2018-19 are:

Tuitionaccessory services*total fees




Grades 1-2




Grades 3-4




Grades 5-6




Grades 7-11








International Students***

*Accessory services include compulsory lunch and snack, student supplies, student services, student activities, IT services, and various administrative services. Note that lunch is not included for Pre-University students. It is available as an option to Pre-U students for $1,485.
**This includes accessory services as well as technology and software fees.
***An international student is any student coming to Canada on a student permit. International students entering grades 7 to 11 will pay an additional $4,688 for tuition fees. To pay your tuition and fees we recommend using GlobalPay for Students. This option allows you to make your payments using bank-to-bank transfers in the currency of your choice in an efficient and inexpensive manner. Learn more.

Additional Information

Non-Canadian Students (grades 7-11 only)

Under the regulation of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES), parents of students born outside of Canada and attending a MEES grant-taking school in Quebec, must provide proof that the student is either a Canadian citizen, has his/her permanent residence in Quebec, or is in the care of someone working under specific criteria in Quebec. Failure to supply this documented proof means that the school’s grant from the MEES will be reduced by $4,688 for that student. LCC is authorized by the MEES to charge the family this amount to the school fees for the student. This amount is subject to an annual increase.


On December 15, April 15, and June 30 of each year, an additional charge for sundry items will be billed to your account (e.g., purchases at the LCC Store, Book Room, LEAD Program, Classe d’accueil, photographs, student trips, music fee, yearbook, etc.).

Textbooks, Workbooks and SoftCover Books

The school outsources the purchasing of textbooks, workbooks and softcover books to Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE). Parents will be asked to order the books they need online.

Food Service

The compulsory lunch and snack service is included in the tuition fees for students in Kindergarten through grade 11. For Pre-U students, a charge of $1,485 will be added if they opt to have lunch during the school year. Or, they may purchase individual $5 lunch tickets from the Pre-University Office when needed (lunch service only).

The Cost of an LCC Education

In addition to the annual tuition and fees, it is important to know what other costs can be expected throughout the high school years. Here's a breakdown by grade. Note that figures are approximate and that devices and uniforms may not necessarily have to be purchased every year. Certain clubs and activities may have additional fees related to travel which are not noted here.


  • Uniform: $700

Grade 1

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $160

Grade 2

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $210

Grade 3

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $120

Grade 4

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $125

Grade 5

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $145

Grade 6

  • Uniform: $700
  • Books: $190

Grade 7

  • Uniform: $950
  • Books: $200
  • iPad: ~$650

Grade 8

  • Uniform: $950
  • Books: $200
  • iPad: ~$650 (students new to grade 8)

Grade 9

  • Uniform: $950
  • Books: $700
  • iPad or Laptop: ~$650 or $1,900 respectively

Grade 10

  • Uniform: $950
  • Books: $700
  • Laptop: ~$1,900

Grade 11

  • Uniform: $950
  • Books: $900
  • Laptop: ~$1,900

Pre-U/Grade 12

  • Books: $500
  • Laptop: Students bring their own

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students entering grade 7 through 11. Learn More