West Island Bus Service

LCC is pleased to offer a convenient bus service for our West Island families. The bus serves LCC students only, offering two pickup points at Fairview and Beaconsfield Shopping Centres. Our partnership is with Groupe Galland, a bus company with which we have had a long-standing association. We trust the professionals at Galland and we know that the safety of the students is their priority.

Parents may select one-way or two-way service depending on their needs and the after-school commitments of their children. It is important to note that given staggered arrivals and departures for the different divisions, students in Senior School and Pre-University will only be able to benefit from the inbound service.

Schedule (2022-2023)

6:55 am - Fairview Pointe Claire
7:10 am - Beaconsfield Shopping Centre
Drop off at LCC 7:50 am


3:30 pm - LCC
4:05 pm - Beaconsfield Shopping Centre
4:20 pm - Fairview Pointe Claire

Pickup/Drop-off Locations

  • Fairview Pointe Claire: parking lot #4 (near The Bay)
  • Beaconsfield Shopping Centre: at the end of the parking lot (near Metro)

Annual Fees (2022-2023)

First Child

  • Full day (am & pm): $2,350
  • Half day (am or pm): $1,875

Second, Third & Fourth Child

  • Full day (am & pm): $1,875
  • Half day (am or pm): $1,500

Note that insufficient registration will result in a discontinuation of the program for 2022-2023.