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West Island Bus Service

LCC is pleased to offer a convenient bus service for our West Island families.The bus serves LCC students only, offering two pickup points at Fairview Shopping Centre and Beaconsfield Shopping Centre. Parents may select one-way or two-way service depending on their needs and the after-school commitments of their children.

Our partnership is with Groupe Galland, a bus company with which we have a long-standing association. Galland has worked closely with us over the course of many years for our athletics and experience trip activities. We trust the professionals at Galland and we know that the safety of the students is their priority.

Schedule (2020-2021)


6:55 am: Fairview Pointe Claire
7:10 am: Beaconsfield Shopping Centre
Drop off at LCC: 7:50 am


3:30 pm: LCC
4:05 pm: Beaconsfield Shopping Centre
4:20 pm: Fairview Pointe Claire

Annual Fees (2020-2021)

First Child

  • Full day (am & pm): $2,060
  • Half-day (am or pm): $1,620

Second Child

  • Full day (am & pm): $1,620
  • Half-day (am or pm): $1,290

Third  & Fourth Child

  • Full day (am & pm): $1,135
  • Half-day (am or pm): $925