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At the second alumni dinner held on October 20, 1920, LCC founder Dr. Charles S. Fosbery announced that it was his intention, upon his eventual retirement, to leave the school to the alumni, a gift unparalleled among schools. Dr. Fosbery held true to his promise when he retired in 1935. Alumni involvement has always been an integral part of LCC, a tradition that continues today.

Staying Connected

There are more than 6,000 LCC alumni living across the globe in approximately 37 countries. Reflecting our school’s vision, our alumni community is diverse, with graduates excelling in a wide variety of fields. Please join Lower Canada Connect – the official networking platform for Lower Canada College alumni.

Throughout the year, the Advancement Office works to keep our graduates connected to the school and to each other. Reunions, many of which are held all over the world, homecoming, special events – in addition to our LION magazine and social media channels – make it easy for alumni to stay connected to our vibrant international community and to the school. Through these events and publications, our alumni share their pride as LCC graduates and demonstrate how the tradition of community extends well beyond graduation.

We would love to hear about where you’re at and what you're doing, and keep you informed about our news, school activities, alumni achievements and events that may be of interest.

Please drop us a line or give us a call (514-482-9916, ext. 359).