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Alumni Stories

With over 6,000 LCC alumni worldwide, there are so many stories to tell. Read about some of the unique and exciting achievements of your former classmates and be sure to revisit this page for updates!

“The academics at LCC, the friendships that I developed, the athletics that I was involved in, and the leadership positions that I held were all instrumental in my development. No one should ever be afraid to take the road less travelled, to take chances. Risk-takers will ultimately benefit in the long run.”
Gord Nixon ’74, Former CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, Corporate Director and Chairman of Bell Canada Enterprises

“It is critical to make young people aware of the merits of diversity and to enable them, from a very young age, to understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes… LCC had a certain spirit and created a caring community. The teachers treated their students as individuals and I truly believe that they brought out the best in me. ”

Jeremy Kinsman ’58, Writer, Former Canadian Diplomat, Resident International Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Diplomat at Ryerson University, and public company Director

“I don’t think I’ve ever had teachers who were as good as those at LCC. They made you become a thinking, independent person. A lot of the work ethic that I have now was developed at LCC. Striving for excellence is something that I fostered there.”

Tara Litvack ’06, Music Director

"The best part about LCC was the teachers—they loved their subjects and had high expectations of their students. They pushed me to think critically, reject dogmatism, and seek truth in unlikely places. LCC is an incredible school because it invests not just in unparalleled infrastructure but in great teaching as well."

Madeleine Ballard ’06, Rhodes Scholar & PhD Candidate

“All of those diverse experiences allowed me to explore many different things and taught me not to be afraid. I learned how to navigate speed bumps along the way and to deal with both success and failure.”

Ashley Cukier ’04 (Pre-U ’05), Speech Language Pathologist

“I don’t think I would be where I am today without having had the LCC experience. I wasn’t the best student and I wasn’t particularly athletic. But they wanted me to succeed. There was always a spirit of being kind to one another at LCC. There was a devotion to the school, the community and even to the economic development of Canada. There is so much good that has, and continues to, come out of LCC.”

Peter Webster ’60, Business Executive & Philanthropist

“The core values of the Air Force reflect the notion of service before self. LCC taught me the importance of working for the good of other people and that led me to where I am today.” ­
David Wagner ’11, Air Force Cadet

“Becoming involved allows me to show my gratitude. LCC was a life-shaper for me in terms of what I learned about communication and leadership, among many other things. It molded me into a well-rounded individual and I am thrilled to be able to give back.”

Kristina Ashqar ’02 (Pre-U’03), Chartered Professional Accountant

“At LCC, the teachers were amazing. They were so inspiring and put in that extra effort for you. They believed in you and I always felt that I had someone to speak to, if needed. They influenced my work ethic, my professionalism, and made me pay attention to detail. They encouraged me to present myself in the best possible way I could.”

Jen Udashkin ’07, Food Blogger

“The teachers were endearing people who loved what they did and made a point to foster the students’ talents and cater to their interests. I attribute much of my work ethic and attitude to what I learned from them.”

Sam Lupovich ’00, Radio Host & Voice/Actor

Ask An Alum Speakers' Series

This series provides invaluable learning opportunities, as alumni from a variety of different industries share their stories. It also offers the opportunity to connect and for the community to come together.
Ask An Alum Speakers Series: Presentation Recordings

Madeleine Ballard '06

Presents on community health workers and universal health care delivery to those living in the most resource deprived settings.