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Alumni Profile: Jacqueline Hopmeyer '03

Customer Relationship Marketing Manager

Even in her early school days, Jacqueline Hopmeyer has always been one to seek out a challenge. While attending an elementary school that lacked her desired degree of rigour, Jacqueline made a move to LCC in grade 5 in 1995, the first year that the school accepted girls.

It was at LCC where she says she learned invaluable skills, such as time management, and developed her strong work ethic. “LCC created a warm environment where you wanted to do your best,” Jacqueline says. “The teachers believed in you and helped you to believe in yourself.”

This foundation set her on a path to achieve success both academically and professionally. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management at Western University, Jacqueline landed a summer internship at RW & CO., a division of Reitman’s, and was immediately hired full time upon graduation. She then proceeded to work her way up from administrative assistant to junior marketing coordinator, but it was not long before Aldo lured her away. In short order, she moved from marketing coordinator in Aldo’s international division to her most recent appointment as customer relationship marketing manager, responsible primarily for acquisition and retention programs.

“I am very proud of these professional achievements and how I have established myself,” she says. “It’s so gratifying to see what you can do on your own.”

Despite a steadfast commitment to her career, Jacqueline stresses the importance of maintaining a well-rounded life and balancing work against other pursuits. To this end, she is involved in Federation CJA where she co-chairs various activities and events in support of Montreal’s Jewish Community.

Jacqueline’s connections to LCC remain strong. She was a member of the organizing committees for the Alumnae Event: 20 Years of LCC Girls, LCC's homecoming weekend, and presented at career day. Recognizing that students tend to feel pressured by the life decisions ahead of them, she shared these wise words: “What you think you’re going to do is not necessarily what you will end up doing. Take the time to figure it out and know that nothing is permanent. Just be sure to love whatever it is that you’re involved in.”

Jacqueline was also ready to oblige when asked by the school to meet with another former student who was interested in the fashion industry. In fact, that meeting turned into an internship for her fellow alumna and an eventual job offer.

Jacqueline was happy to give back. “LCC is a family,” she says. “No matter where you go in the world you can find that LCC connection and there is always someone ready to provide support if you need it.”