Alumni Profile: Jess Dutton '89 (Pre-U '90)

Canadian Ambassador

As the current Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Jess Dutton knows the importance of developing a global perspective and understanding world issues from an early age. Although fortunate to have travelled to England and Wales as a grade 7 student, he recognizes that attending LCC today with its focus on global education, is an enviable experience.

“The world has changed a lot and we are all interconnected,” Jess says. “The international programs at LCC will be of great benefit to students, no matter what career they pursue.”

After graduating from LCC, Jess earned a bachelor’s degree and then pursued a master’s degree in public administration, both at Queen’s University. For the following decade, he worked in the political world in the office of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, after which he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. In that capacity, he was posted to countries all over the world, including South Korea, Afghanistan, India and, most recently, Egypt.

As the Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Jess works to advance Canadian interests in the country - commercial, development, human rights and others. He represents all Canadian interests in the country and works with key partners to support Egypt’s development and security.

“My appointment by the prime minister and governor general as an ambassador has been a great honour,” Jess says. “In particular, my involvement in Kandahar as the Director of the Provincial Reconstruction Team back in 2009-10 was, while difficult, a significant achievement for me.”

Throughout his career, Jess has visited many schools in developing countries and recognizes what a privilege it was – and is – to attend a school like LCC. “I had some tough teachers, but they inspired me to do more, to dream, and to believe that nothing is unattainable,” he says. “The students should never forget just how lucky they are with the quality of teachers and the opportunities offered to them at LCC.”

November 2018