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Alumni Profile: "Stuntman" Sam Lupovich '00

Radio Host & Voice/Actor

“Stuntman” Sam is up for anything. Ask him to prank complete strangers on their birthdays, all in the name of fun and a few laughs, and he’s game. As a radio host for Montreal’s morning radio show with The Beat, “Stuntman” Sam is so named for the risks that he takes and the publicity stunts that he stages to garner attention for the station. In his words, not all radio hosts are comfortable doing the “dirty” work, like contacting unsuspecting listeners and fabricating outrageous stories to elicit on-air reactions. Enter Mr. Lupovich.

“I like the role,” Mr. Lupovich says. “It’s a really good fit for my character and skill set, which includes creative writing, character voices, improvisation, and comedy. All of those things are part of who I am and how I have branded myself.”

Among his most memorable stunts, Mr. Lupovich cites his public search for love. Inspired by a New Yorker who plastered hundreds of posters around New York City claiming that he was looking for a girlfriend, Mr. Lupovich followed suit and did the same. The result? A slew of calls, a media frenzy and a campaign that went viral. After a speed dating process and a selection process for the top 10 candidates, a winner was ultimately declared. That match proved unsuccessful, but another woman who had been following the campaign, reached out to Mr. Lupovich on Facebook and they have been together ever since.

Mr. Lupovich is also a voice-actor and highlights his acceptance into the Acting Conservatory at York University as a major achievement. The program, which offers intense training in stage and screen acting, admits only 16 students. During his time at York, Mr. Lupovich landed several roles in both TV and film.

Mr. Lupovich says that his experience at LCC had an important influence on his career development. He became involved with the LCC Players and worked on stage production in the Junior School musicals and Senior School plays, allowing him to explore his creative interests. “A lot of my classmates were hoping to work in the business world,” he says, “but I always knew that my talents were more artistic. In fact, I was told that I was the first LCC graduate to pursue the performing arts. It was a bit of a risk that I took, but I’m glad that I did.”

Mr. Lupovich has many fond memories of certain teachers at LCC who encouraged his penchant for the arts. “They were endearing people who loved what they did and made a point to foster the students’ talents and cater to their interests. I attribute much of my work ethic and attitude to what I learned from them.”