Sarah Mahoney

Sarah Mahoney is a theatre arts teacher with over 10 years of experience producing and directing theatre internationally. Before getting her education degree at McGill University, she worked as a theatre producer and director in England, Holland, France, Tanzania, Canada and Australia. She focused on working with new playwrights to foster writing and accessibility. While creating new works she has always been involved in teaching theatre. In Tanzania, she set up a volunteer program to teach theatre and English as an after-school program at a local school in Arusha. She also taught theatre in Canberra, Cambridge and Ottawa. 

Ms. Mahoney is passionate about the importance of theatre education and its impact on teens. Theatre allows us to engage with the world and express ourselves. It encourages empathy in a world where we are distancing ourselves from one another and teaches students important life skills, such as public speaking, confidence, teamwork, storytelling and thinking creatively. 

Theatre that is produced at the school is chosen for its ability to push the student body to see the world in a new way. Past productions include Radium Girls by D.W. Gregory, a story that looks at the importance of fighting for workers' rights despite the odds, and The Lottery by Brainerd Duffield, which forces us to examine tradition and the darkest parts of our humanity.