Junior School

At the Junior School level the focus is on education of the whole child, physical fitness, creative and cooperative learning, fundamental skills development, enjoyment, and learning to work both independently and in groups. This includes an introduction to house spirit and competition and to the core interscholastic sports.

Middle School

In the Middle School athletics program, we encourage students to achieve and maintain a high level of wellness and physical fitness. There is a focus on individual and team-based skills, rules and strategy, teamwork, leadership, spirit, fair play, and team loyalty.

Senior School and Pre-U

In Senior School and Pre-University, we build on the foundation of the Junior and Middle School programs, with an emphasis on refining skills and strategy, team participation, performance and competitiveness. Qualities of sportsmanship, fair play, making informed choices and demonstrating leadership are reinforced.

Associations & Leagues

In most of our Middle and Senior School sports, we compete locally as a member of the Greater Montreal Athletic Association (GMAA), and our hockey teams play in the Ligue de hockey interscolaire du Québec (LHIQ). At varying levels, some of our teams participate as members of an independent school league and as part of the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ). On a national level, LCC is an active member of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).