Duke of Edinburgh

Founded by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is a self-development, non-competitive, voluntary program for young people aged 14-25 which encourages the development of life skills, initiative, personal discovery, self-reliance, perseverance, leadership, responsibility to oneself, and service to community. Participants complete Bronze, Silver and Gold levels through goals related to Community Service, Skill Development, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.

The Award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, each with an increasing degree of commitment. Within each level there are four sections: Service, Expeditions, Skills and Physical Recreation.

LCC is the most active school in Quebec in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and, as of August 2020, 1,121 bronze, 679 silver and 388 gold awards had been earned by LCC students and recent alumni.

Duke of Ed Gold & Silver Winter Trip 2023

Duke of Ed Gold trip Panama 2023

Duke of Ed Silver Spring Trip 2023

Duke of Ed Grade 9 Bronze Trip 2023

Duke of Ed Silver/Gold Winter Trip 2022

Duke of Ed Silver May Trip 2022

Duke of Ed Gold Trip Morocco 2020

Duke of Ed Silver Trip Lac Sainte-Marie 2019 


Duke of Ed gold winter trip 2019

Duke of Ed Gold Trip Colombia 2018

Duke of Ed Silver spring Trip 2018

Duke of Ed Gold Winter Trip 2017

Duke of Ed Silver Spring Trip 2017

Did you know?

Since 2008, LCC has had two visits from royalty. We were privileged to welcome Prince Edward and Princess Anne, who presented the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards to our students.

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