Can't Stop, Won't Stop: LCC's Debate Teams!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: LCC's Debate Teams!

Congratulations to the LCC debate teams on their outstanding achievements! Your dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills have led you to great success. We are thrilled to share the following highlights with you:

Junior Tournament, Montreal

  • 1st place team: Kalyan '26 & Eason '26
  • Speaker awards: Kalyan (1st), Eason (2nd), Wolfgang '27 (3rd), Myriam '27 (5th), Benjamin '26 (6th) and Nathaniel '27 (8th)
  • Special thanks to parent volunteer, Isabelle Fahmy for coaching the Junior School team and helping the students prepare for the tournament.

Senior National Debating Championships, Calgary

  • Miriam '24 and Kyra '23 -10th place team in Canada and top team from Quebec with a 4-2 win-loss record
  • Rocky '23 and Paige '23 - 16th place team in Canada with a 4-2 win-loss record
  • Miriam - 13th place speaker and top speaker from Quebec

Team Canada Tryouts

All three students (Miriam, Kyra and Rocky) were invited to tryout. We are pleased to announce that Miriam has been selected to Team Canada which is compromised of 12 debaters.

Canadian Qualifier for US Nationals Championships

LCC competed in an event, from which one team from Canada was invited to attend the US Nationals in the Worlds Style Debate category. Out of all of the teams who attend, LCC won all four of their rounds of debate and emerged as the top Canadian team. The team consisted of Rocky, Miriam, Kyra and Janice '25. Miriam also won top speaker. The students have qualified to represent Canada in Phoenix, Arizona in June!






Miriam '24 has officially been announced as one of the twelve individuals selected for the national debate team. This is a significant achievement that recognizes her hard work and dedication. Over the next two years, she will be actively engaged in debate tournaments and practices alongside her team members. While it remains to be seen whether she will ultimately make the final team of five that attends the World Championships, Miriam's selection is a testament to her exceptional skills, particularly in a highly competitive field.

Stay tuned for more highlights and achievements from LCC's debate teams!

LCC Debate Team at Nationals (Rocky '23, Paige '23, Kyra '23 & Miriam '24)


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