Junior School

In Junior School, homeroom teachers serve as the liaison with parents and see to the overall well-being of the students. They are the point of contact for parents to inform the school of any concerns they might have. Students start and end their day with their homeroom teacher.

Middle and Senior School

The advisory system is one of the great strengths of LCC's high school program. Advisors are advocates for students, providing support and counselling on a variety of issues, whether they relate to academics, co-curricular or social and personal concerns. This significant relationship between student and advisor helps to ensure the health and well-being of the student and that his or her needs are met. The advisor is also the first liaison between parents and the school. As a school priority, there are specific times in the schedule that are allotted to advisory. The student stays with the same advisor throughout the Senior School experience.

Students are also members of an advisory group, who are members of the same house, and they stay in that group through their Middle and Senior School years. In addition, both Middle and Senior School students meet as an advisory group once a week to discuss issues such as digital citizenship, goal setting and organization. Sexuality education and health-related topics are covered during this period as well. University guidance is also provided.

From the LION Magazine