House System

House History

Headmaster V.C. Wansbrough first instituted the House System in 1939. The objective at that time was to provide competitive sports opportunities for boys not selected to represent the school on the regular teams.

The four original houses – Drummond, French, Russel, and Woods – were named after “Old Boys of great distinction” whose names would inspire and challenge students to live up to the high ideals with which the names were associated.

The House System Today

Today, the LCC house system builds upon past traditions and incorporates the advisory groups. It is designed to promote and reward student leadership and participation at all levels, from kindergarten to the Pre-University program. Membership in houses fosters school spirit, a sense of belonging, mentoring opportunities and close personal relationships with students in higher and lower grades. All students are involved in inter-house competition covering the full range of LCC activities: academics, athletics, arts and cultural activities, and community service.

Assignments to houses are done in a way to ensure a balanced, diverse and representative group of students and, to the extent possible, family links to houses are maintained. Named for LCC alumni, the houses for students in kindergarten to grade 11 are:


(Massy Beveridge) September 1964


(Brooke Claxton) September 1964


(Guy Drummond) November 1939


(Bertram French) November 1939


(Ralph Harper) November 2002


(Heward Family) August 2002


(Jeffrey Russel) November 1939


(Halkett Woods) November 1939

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