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Creative expression is integral to students’ development and growth, providing an important outlet to express themselves and broaden their perspectives. Our Visual Arts co-curricular program allows students to experiment with and express their creative talent, pursue their artistic passions and develop an appreciation for art.

Art Club

In the Junior School Art Club, students work on special projects, including set designs for theatre productions, and plan art activities for the younger students. In Senior School, students can drop in once or twice a week to work on their own art projects.

Refashionista Fashion Show

Once every two years, Junior School Students link their creative talents with a passion for fashion and the environment by creating outfits made entirely from repurposed materials. They then take to the catwalk to show that there are always options when it comes to consumption and disposal choices.

Art Show

Every spring, students from grades 1 – 12 showcase their artistic talents in the Art atrium over the course of two afternoons.

Student Artwork

The Middle School Mural: Collaborative Inspiration

Every year, the Middle School mural reflects the individuality and uniqueness of each house, while also illustrating that the beauty and strength of our Middle School comes from our unity and the friendship that we share.

The importance of art lies in the absence of rules, where there is nothing that puts you in a box. It requires patience and discipline and teaches you how to balance emotions with your analytical mind. Danova Gardilcic '16

Graduation Exhibition @ the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

Grade 11 and Pre-U art students exhibited their work at a Vernissage held at the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery in 2016 and 2017.

LCC alumni Alan Klinkhoff ’70, Jonathan Klinkhoff ’00, and Craig Klinkhoff ’06, hosted 35 student works, offering students an unprecedented opportunity to display their work “in the company of master artists”, in a gallery that has been a fixture on the Montreal and Canadian landscapes for over six decades. (Read the 2016 article) in the Montreal Times).

Photo Gallery

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