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Middle School

Board Games

A variety of board games are available for students to play either in pairs or small groups. This is a drop-in activity and is open to any student who would like to learn new games and work on problem solving, communication and teamwork.

Book Chats

Biweekly meetings are held to discuss books that are chosen as a group.


Middle School Debating offers introductory debating to junior level debaters. We teach debating style, run mock tournaments, and attend a few of the local junior tournaments around Montreal. The aim of the Middle School Debate Club is to introduce students to the art of debating in order to help those who are interested in pursuing debate in the Senior School.

Design & Innovation

The LCC Fab Lab Club is broken up into two sections.

The Textile Design group explores textile arts and emerging fields in material design and sustainability. Students learn how to use the LCC Fab Lab to create innovative wearables or new kinds of useful materials. Special guests are invited to help teach students specific skills related to textiles and fashion design.

The Digital Fabrication group explores the different ways digital fabrication is drastically changing the world. Students will consider this year's theme of Fab City and will be challenged to reimagine the city of tomorrow as they are introduced to new and sustainable ways to make almost anything using the machines in the LCC Fab Lab.

Both sections of the LCC Fab Lab Club require students to put in a minimum of three hours a week if they hope to accomplish meaningful work. By joining this club, students are expected to present a unique prototype, expression, experiment, or idea at the LCC Design & Maker Fair and must commit to completing their projects. Exciting collaborations and real world opportunities are presented to motivated students throughout the year.

Équipe verte

Cette activité a pour objectif d’allier les objectifs du développement durable avec l’utilisation de la technologie et de la domotique. L’objectif est d’étudier comment faire pousser des légumes et des fruits avec des systèmes hydroponiques mis en marche par les élèves.

Glee Club

A group for Middle School students who enjoy performing and signing. The Glee Club will perform at a variety of school events including the Middle School Play, grade 8 graduation and Café Cabaret.

Improv Team

The Improv Team is an activity for students who wish to enhance their skills in thinking on their feet, work with others and develop different scenes about the various topics we encounter in our everyday lives. Students who participate will have the opportunity to perform for their peers at Middle School assemblies, and, once in Senior School, at competitions held in Canada. It’s a great way to have fun, be expressive and put your trust in other members of the team!

Intramural Sports

The Memorial Gym and field are available for students to play a variety of sports during their lunch recess. The teacher supervising the gym and field organizes games and tournaments for a variety of sports, including ping pong, basketball and soccer.

LCC Reads

LCC Reads is an annual high school activity that runs throughout the year. In March, the LCC Reads Committee, made up of students, teachers and the head librarian, votes on a novel to be read by all high school students over the summer. Students then discuss the novel in their English classes, culminating in a final student assembly in the fall. Immediately afterwards, students and teachers can begin nominating their favourite novels for the following year.

Middle & Senior School students are welcome to join the LCC Reads Committee. Committee members are responsible for planning the author visit in the fall, selecting the LCC Reads text (including reading the three shortlisted titles over March break) and promoting the LCC Reads book in the spring. This is the ideal activity for readers who love to promote reading. In order to be eligible to select the book in March, you must attend 75 percent of the meetings beforehand


This activity is for students who are interested in broadcast journalism. The group is responsible for conducting interviews, as well as filming a variety of school activities and events. Students are also involved in editing and producing the LCC TV segments.

Middle School Play

The Middle School Play is a theatre group where all Middle School students are welcome. There are several jobs allocated to students: they may choose to act, be part of tech and crew, stage managers, makeup and hair, costumes and/or sets.

A play is chosen every year and students put together a production for parents and students. Plays are geared towards the Middle school age group.

The focus of the group is for students to get comfortable on stage, develop their acting/tech abilities, make new friends and have fun!

Middle School Pride

Middle School Pride is an open group for students interested in developing their leadership skills. Throughout the year, the group organizes a variety of community service activities, as well activities for Halloween and Valentine’s Day for their peers. The students are also involved in organizing several MS assemblies over the course of the year.

Model UN

Model United Nations is a simulation of the UN General Assembly. Middle School students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization’s agenda using friendly topics. While playing their roles as ambassadors, student “delegates” make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries and try to resolve conflicts in the interest of all. We simulate small-scale MUN throughout the year in order to achieve international cooperation and resolve problems that affect countries all over the world.


LCC participates in the Canadian Robotics Challenge and a new robot is built to compete in a game every year. There are many other components to the competition: a five-minute video, blogging about the team and robot (journalism) and building a kiosk to promote the school and team.

Sexuality & Gender Acceptance

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) is a student-run Middle and Senior School club, which provides a confidential place for students to meet, support each other, talk about LGBTQ+ issues, and work to end homophobia. The club is open to students who identify as LGBTQ+ or who support the club’s message. We meet over the lunch hour to share a meal together, with opportunities for guest speakers, fundraising, and organization of events such as LCC Pride Day. Students can come once or regularly, no questions asked!

Student Council

Student Council consists of elected representatives from each grade level in the Middle and Senior School. The Student Council recommends changes in school policy to the headmaster and advocates in the areas of academics, exam schedules, homework issues, course options, the student honour code, dress, nutrition, information technology, and other student rights issues. The Head Girl and Head Boy chair the Friday morning meetings.

Tech Club

The main objective of the Tech Club is to foster tech knowledge and appropriate use of skills to assist with minor tech issues in the classroom.

Middle School Players Present Young Sherlock

Band Camp

A Global Perspective @ Model UN Conference