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Senior School and Pre-University

Art Club

Students can work on an artwork of their choosing or may work on artworks from class, especially those that are more intricate and need more time to complete. They are also involved in set design for the Senior School Play. Students who are interested in creating a piece of art for the Round Square art competition have the opportunity to work on it during this time.

Career Committees

Grade 11 students help coordinate the career speakers for the Senior School academic advising programs. They have the opportunity to network with professionals related to their interests and help organize each career day in collaboration with the academic advisors.

Certificate of Sustainable Global Leadership

The Certificate of Sustainable Global Leadership (CSGL) is an LCC initiative to recognize students who have made environmental and global learning a significant priority throughout their Senior School career. Students voluntarily indicate their wish to be considered for the certificate at the beginning of their grade 11 year. To receive this prestigious recognition, students must:

  • Successfully complete the first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award (considerations will be given to students who cannot complete the gold level due to age)
  • Take part in a number of Sustainable Global Leadership Seminars (e.g., the value of international service, the Syrian refugee crisis, the value of global education and a cultural examination of Southeast Asia)
  • Submit a reflective piece on a Senior School travel experience, typically based on a student exchange or March break trip
  • Write a reflective piece on an environmental initiative that they have been involved in


Coding is fun and simple to learn and is a skill that is becoming an integral part of numerous professional fields. The Coding Club is open to students from grades 7 through 10 who are beginners or advanced. The lessons are all online, so students can progress at their own pace. Beginners have an opportunity to learn easy-to-understand fundamentals, eventually learning how to code animations or simple objects. Advanced students may deepen their current knowledge, learn other languages, or integrate Raspberry Pi and 3D printing into the coding of manufactured objects.


Students learn skills of competitive debate and can choose to debate in an intramural setting or compete in tournaments.

Design & Innovation

Students are provided with opportunities to learn how to use the LCC Fab Lab to make almost anything. The theme for this year is 2020, the year when Montreal will host the international Fab Lab conference bringing together innovators from labs around the world.

Organized workshops are offered in 2D and 3D design, 3D printing, computer controlled cutting, textile arts, coding, electronics, and other Fab Lab topics. Students document their creative process in order to track the development of their skills which will help them earn certified digital badges recognizing their achievements.

Throughout the year, various professionals are invited to work with students and introduce them to new opportunities. All student projects are exhibited at the LCC Design & Maker Fair.

Destiny Quebec Global Issues Conference

Senior School students organize and host an annual youth conference that engages students and provides a forum to discuss relevant world issues. Its purpose is to raise students’ awareness about political, social, economic and personal challenges facing youth and our society in general. Students have the opportunity to express their views and concerns while considering different views on the future of Quebec, Canada and the global community

Graduate Pride

Graduate Pride is the most senior leadership team and consists of a group of grade 11 students who have been elected by their peers or by their teachers. It includes Head Boy and Head Girl – who act as school ambassadors and represent the school at local and national leadership conferences – house heads, as well as representatives of different areas of school life, such as activities, athletics, environment, arts, Round Square and community service.

Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee is charged with organizing and for graduation.

Green Team

The emphasis this year in Green Team is on demystifying and developing concrete projects that will showcase the concept of sustainability. The main projects for the year are to continue to make our greenhouse energy-efficient, creating a zero-waste policy for all LCC events and to encourage involvement with the student-led 3% project. Projected visits to the Terra-Perma eco-community, the Centre for Sustainable Development and a local apiary will allow us to gain insight on sustainable design and practices.

Improv Club

Improv focuses on skills that are important for all students. Specifically, the ability to think on your feet , problem solve creatively, communicate effectively, and work as a team. The improv clubs meet weekly to prepare for regional and national tournaments. In 2019 LCC will be hosting the regional tournament and everyone is invited to come watch.

Jazz Band

Open to all students in Senior School and Pre-U (students must be able to read musical notation). In this large ensemble, students learn how to play in a jazz style and perform at school concerts and Café Cabaret.

LCC Reads

LCC Reads is an annual high school activity that runs throughout the year. In March, the LCC Reads Committee, made up of students, teachers and the head librarian, votes on a novel to be read by all high school students over the summer. Students then discuss the novel in their English classes, culminating in a final student assembly in the fall. Immediately afterwards, students and teachers can begin nominating their favourite novels for the following year.

Middle & Senior School students are welcome to join the LCC Reads Committee. Committee members are responsible for planning the author visit in the fall, selecting the LCC Reads text (including reading the three shortlisted titles over March break) and promoting the LCC Reads book in the spring. This is the ideal activity for readers who love to promote reading. In order to be eligible to select the book in March, you must attend 75 percent of the meetings beforehand.


This activity is for students who are interested in broadcast journalism. The group is responsible for conducting interviews, as well as filming a variety of school activities and events. Students are also involved in editing and producing the LCC TV segments.

Model UN

Model UN is an exciting and engaging club in which students simulate meetings at the United Nations. Students take on the role of ambassadors and debate international issues while drafting resolutions. Prior to conferences, students must research a variety of global problems such as human rights, the environment, international trade and globalization. Model UN provides a forum to debate and negotiate global issues with students from around the world.

Parlement des jeunes

For the politicians among us, Parlement des jeunes allows students to prepare for and present at a mock parliament session in Quebec City.

Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top provides students with the opportunity to compete academically without having to worry about evaluations and grades. Students meet once a week to prepare for games against other schools scheduled in the late winter and spring. During the meetings, students have the opportunity to practice answering questions about a myriad of subjects (literature, film, science, math, sports, geography, history, politics, art, etc.), develop strategies of play, discover team strengths and uncover any team weaknesses.


LCC participates in the Canadian Robotics Challenge and a new robot is built to compete in a game every year. There are many other components to the competition: a five-minute video, blogging about the team and robot (journalism) and building a kiosk to promote the school and team.

Round Square Community Service Club

The Round Square Community Service Club provides students with the chance to explore service opportunities in Montreal while considering international perspectives. The club focuses on grass roots action while addressing the ethos of the Round Square organization. The club meets once per cycle and focuses on student-led initiatives.

Senior School Play

The Senior school play is an opportunity for students to be a part of a large-scale theatrical production. There are acting and backstage opportunities (costume design, set design, props creation, lighting and sound). The play is performed in January and students participate in one Saturday rehearsal.

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) is a student-run Middle and Senior School club, which provides a confidential place for students to meet, support each other, talk about LGBTQ+ issues, and work to end homophobia. The club is open to students who identify as LGBTQ+ or who support the club’s message. We meet over the lunch hour to share a meal together, with opportunities for guest speakers, fundraising, and organization of events such as LCC Pride Day. Students can come once or regularly, no questions asked!

Small Ensembles

Open to all students in Senior School and Pre-U (students must be able to read musical notation). Small ensembles are formed and mentored by the music department. Ensembles are given the opportunity to perform at special events.

Student Council

Student Council consists of elected representatives from each grade level in the Middle and Senior School. The Student Council recommends changes in school policy to the headmaster and advocates in the areas of academics, exam schedules, homework issues, course options, the student honour code, dress, nutrition, information technology, and other student rights issues. The Head Girl and Head Boy chair the Friday morning meetings.

The Wire

While The Wire is a visual arts option in grade 11, it is also open to any student who would like to contribute articles, either regularly or on occasion. Students are provided with the opportunity to hone their writing skills without the stress of evaluations and grades. They can learn how to write news articles, editorials, reviews and features. They can also learn how to conduct interviews, edit effectively and design the layout. We are always looking for people who would be interested in writing horoscopes and advice columns, drawing comics and creating crossword puzzles or other games.

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A mindful exploration of strength, balance, flexibility, concentration, and relaxation.


Land Restoration Project

Jazz Band


Debating Achievements

2018 - McGill University Winter Bonanza Debating Tournament, Top Junior Speaker

2018 - Quebec Senior Provincial Debating Championships, Top Overall Speaker

2018 - Canadian National Debating Championships, Represented Quebec

2018 - University of Ottawa Debating Tournament, Top Junior Speaker

2017 - International Competition for Young Debaters, Semi-finalists, Second Place Speaker

2017 - Marianopolis Aristotle Cup, Tournament Champions, First Place Speaker

2017 - Qualified to represent Quebec at the Senior National Debating Championships (did not attend due to exam conflicts)

2017 - Junior National Debating Championships, Represented Quebec

2017 - McGill University Winter Bonanza Tournament, Top Junior team