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I believe that people are more motivated to engage in environmental practices if they can see the results of their efforts. What motivates me when developing any of my designs is my desire to create something that will improve the user experience, reduce waste and decrease costs. Phoenix Na '17

Our Sustainability Commitment: Leading by example, we are committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations and activities and to making a positive difference in the communities with which we interact. In our educational role, we prepare students by providing them with the awareness and the skills they will need to be leaders in the drive towards a sustainable global community.

As global citizens and with Non Nobis Solum/Not for Ourselves Alone as our motto, focus on the environment and sustainable practices is more of a priority than ever at LCC. As a community, we take the responsibility of caring for our planet seriously and are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.

We recognize that living sustainable practices is central to ensuring the future of generations to come and have incorporated environmental awareness into our organizational culture.

Green Team

Made up of student representatives and a faculty liaison, the Green Team works in collaboration with all members of the LCC community. The team’s mandate is to lead initiatives that promote community-wide changes in our environmental practices.


  • GreenTech Workshops: Creation of functional objects dealing with environmentally sustainable living (solar panel, wind turbine, aquaponics, etc.)
  • Restoration Project: Restoring, beautifying and maintaining an abandoned lot in the community serving both an educational and service purpose
  • Living Wall: A self sufficient vertical garden located in the Exploratorium de Gaspé Beaubien and care for by our Junior School Green Team
  • End Of Year Locker Cleanup: Clothes and school supply give away
  • Greenhouse Sustainability Project: A natural way to practically show the concept of a self-sufficient system

Through the Years

Composting at LCC by the Green Team

  • Vermicompost in greenhouse outside of science classes
  • Outdoor wooden bin with scraps from kitchen
  • Compost Montreal to pick up kitchen scraps
  • Fruit and vegetable only campaign for lunchtime in the dining hall
  • No waste lunch Tuesdays - All food for compost from the dining hall
  • Converting the large garbage bins to composting bins to collect food every day

Environment Week


  • Adopt a pride of lions through the World Wildlife Fund
  • Sustainable innovation workshop
  • Free dress for Environmental Defence Canada
  • Green Café
  • Snack sale in support of The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation 

2018 - "Raise Your Voice, Not Sea Levels"

  • Terrarium workshop
  • Free dress for WE Walk for Water and SPCA Montérégie
  • Creation of the LCC Animal Conservation Club
  • Stop food waste day


  • Green Café in support of Mercy for Animals
  • Terrarium workshop
  • Vegan cook-off

2016 - “Be the Change”

  • Signing of the Earth Flag
  • Aquaponics greentech workshop
  • Terrarium workshop
  • Free dress for LCC Community Restoration Project

2015 - “From the Ground Up - Year of the Soil”

  • Introducing Meatless Monday
  • I am silent campaign for animals
  • Snack guide for advisories
  • One tree planted fundraiser
  • Free dress for World Wildlife Fund

2014 - “Let’s get Involved”

  • Advisory snack - How to properly dispose of wastes?
  • Lights off lunches
  • Free dress for One Drop



Developing sustainable practices extends beyond the classroom. As a community, we are committed to improving our campus and have been recognized for our progress

We have:

  • Implemented a program to promote awareness about the importance of bees.
  • Participated in online training with AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) and Keep America Beautiful.
  • Participated in the Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal project, led by Les amis de la montagne.
  • Created a butterfly garden at LCC to combat the decline of Monarch butterflies.
  • Implemented a new system to limit composting pollution in the cafeteria.
  • Installed fountains near the gym.
  • Implemented a policy to reduce use of plastic water bottles at the school
  • Conducted a cleanup of the Lachine Canal
  • Implemented a Cost Energy Saving Project seven years ago that has resulted in annual savings of over $100,000 per year and reduced our emissions by 200 tons per year, the equivalent of removing 40 cars per year from the roads or planting 1200 trees per year. We achieved this by:
    • Converting the entire campus to high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps;
    • Completely renovating the hot water boiler plant with new natural gas boilers
    • Installing a new building automation system; and
    • Installing reflectors behind the radiators
    • Installing solar panels on arena roof to pre-heat domestic hot water
  • Upgraded the recycling initiative to include plastic and glass
  • Installed multi-purpose recycling bins throughout the school
  • Built a new indoor arena that uses an eco-chill system
  • Built a new arts centre that is LEED certified (GOLD level)
  • Created an emissions offset plan which encompasses all school-related air travel
  • Millions of litres of water saved by upgrading our plumbing system
  • Planted 100 trees on campus
  • Established a procedure for electronics and battery disposal
  • Check out our Sustainability Indicators Summary 2013


  • First place in the "Semaine québécoise de réduction des déchets (SQRD)" primary school challenge
  • Awarded the Level 2 “Mise en oeuvre” of the ICI ON RECYCLE program of Recyc-Québec, recognizing innovation in the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste
  • Canada's Top 100 Green Employers for 2013
  • Canada's Top 100 Green Employers for 2014
  • Finalist for the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie (AQME)'s Energia awards.
  • Facilities received a Level 3 Best Practice recognition from BOMA for excellence in environmental performance and management in 2010.
  • LCC Teacher Winner of LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability

LEED-Certified Assaly Arts Centre

Completed in 2014, the Assaly Arts Centre exemplifies LCC's commitment to the environment. Beneath the grass adjacent to the building lies a geothermal well, connected to an efficient heating and cooling system. This clean, renewable use of energy helps to reduce the school's dependence on less sustainable forms of energy and, consequently, its environmental footprint.