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Introducing the LCC Sustainable Burrito Podcast Series:

Join three students from Lower Canada College's Green Team as they navigate the mysterious and complex world of sustainability and attempt to answer one single question: how can we make a difference?

For us who stand upon its surface, planet Earth seems incredibly large. Its mountains, like Atlas, reach for the skies. Its forests span thousands of kilometers, and its oceans reach impossible depths. In the galaxy, Earth is but a tiny speck amongst many and it may seem impossible that such a small planet is home to so much life. Yet, for the person who inhabits this planet, when faced with large, planet-sized problems such as that of the environment, it is easy to think that it is impossible for us – one individual among so many – to make a difference. It all comes down to perspective and we aim to widen it by covering a multitude of environmental aspects.

In this episode:

On July 25, 2020, the MV Wakashio, a large bulk carrier vessel carrying about 4,000 tonnes of oil, ran aground on a coral reef near the coast of the island of Mauritius. On August 6, the vessel began leaking oil, resulting in considerable ecological damage. Join LCC grade 11 students Mareike, Savini and Edouard as they discuss the consequences of this event. They are joined by their classmate, Madelèine, who has a special connection to the island and its people.

Donate now to help preserve the Mauritian wildlife:

More on the oil spill:
Crews Prepare to Sink Mauritius Spill Ship Despite Opposition

In this episode:

Green Team members Savini, Mareike, and Edouard from LCC grade 11 discuss obstacles that stand in the way of making a positive environmental difference. It may seem difficult to live a sustainable life, but know that perfection is in no way expected. Many people making small, albeit imperfect, changes to their lifestyles is much better than one single person achieving perfection. It is only in making changes as a community that we will truly make a difference.

Savini mentions an article from Time magazine. For those of you who are curious, the link to this article is here

The Green Team has produced a list of small changes that you can make to your lifestyle in order to make a difference. It can be found in the Blog tab here:

In this episode:

The Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla once said, "The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences." This has certainly been the case for technologies such as the radio and the computer, but will it be true for electric cars? Will they become commonplace one day? On this episode of the Sustainable Burrito, join LCC Green Team members Savini '21, Mareike '21, Edouard '21 and special guest David '21, as they talk about the pros and cons of one of today's greatest wonders: the electric car.

In this episode:

In December, the Lower Canada College Green Team was interviewed by Matt Cundill '87 on his Hot Air Podcast. Grade 11 students, Mareike, Savini and Edouard, spoke to Matt about why they decided to do a podcast and what the goals of the team are. Matt also reflected on his time at LCC and what the environmental issues were back then. Safe to say that things have changed a lot over the last 35 years!

In this episode:

Savini, Mareike and Edouard, grade 11 students from LCC's Green Team, interview Luc '21 and his mother Heidi Drymer. Luc and his family have been working in forest and orangutan conservation in Borneo, Indonesia (Kalimantan) for the past few years.

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