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Learning comes to life - literally - in LCC’s Fab Lab, a hands-on learning space that encourages students to explore their imaginations, share ideas, learn and design together. 

Our mission is to build both technical and creative confidence in our students and to foster an entrepreneurial mindset with a maker’s sensibility. We learn by "doing" and by making mistakes in a safe and collaborative setting.

Students who wish to use the Fab Lab should sign up for one of our co-curricular design activities which will help in the development of the skills needed to design from home and plan ideas for digital fabrication. Students can also join one of our mini project sessions and gain more in-depth understanding on how to use the machinery available in a Fab Lab.


The Fab Lab has a comprehensive range of technical and creative tools, materials, and the means to help fabricate just about anything. With supervision and guidance, students learn how to use the software and the tools to bring their ideas to fruition.

Student Projects

Meet Our Experts



ALEC MATHEWSON - Technology & Design Integration Specialist, Fab Lab Coordinator

Alec is an interdisciplinary artist and designer specializing in interactive installation, furniture design and critical making. His interests include research through design, and he favours a playful explorative approach when working with materials, electronics and code. Alec received a diploma from the Fab Academy in 2018 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in design, focused on educational tools and environments to inspire 21st century thinking.

What does student success look like?

Without making mistakes students will never stumble upon the happy accidents that lead to new discovery. Student success in Design & Innovation is demonstrated by a visible increased curiosity of how things work and the self-imposed rigour that comes with learning how to make almost anything. 

“You can’t think about thinking without thinking about thinking about something” - Seymour Papert 


CRAIG LAVERGNE - Technology Integration Specialist

As a fabrication specialist and accomplished model maker, Craig has worked on architectural scale models for some of Canada’s largest cities and developers.  Before that he worked as part of a survey crew in Manitoba, where he measured and laid out the foundations for many of the province's flood recovery projects.  However, his most interesting job was as a crystal cutting apprentice, where he worked under the supervision of one of Canada’s last two master crystal cutters, learning to cut traditional patterns on leaded crystal dinnerware for clients across the globe.

What does student success look like?

When you have access to innovative technology and dedicated instructors, success can be measured a little differently. At LCC’s Fab Lab, students and educators work together to manufacture success. We collaborate, learn together, and support one another as we work our way through challenges that might otherwise prove impossible to surmount alone.


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An open, creative community of students, educators, artists, fabricators, scientists and engineers situated in more than 90 countries in approximately 1,500 Fab Labs. Learn more: | SCOPES-DF | Fab City | Coopérative Fab Labs Québec | Fab Foundation | Fab Montréal

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