Health & Wellness

Committing to the fullest development of our students, we support the physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of their personal and intellectual growth. We are proactive at every grade level, promoting and educating on a variety of topics throughout the curriculum, including fitness and nutrition, media awareness, stress and anxiety management, healthy relationships, healthy lifestyle choices, first aid, hygiene and sexuality, among others.

Our three school counsellors meet with students individually and in small groups and our full-time, onsite nurse sees to the needs of individual students. Advisors and homeroom teachers communicate with teachers and meet with students regularly to discuss their progress, not only in academics, but also on a social and emotional level.

The school's Student Wellness Model, which has evolved over the past 15 years, ensures that individuals and teams of professionals are in place to prevent or manage student issues early.

Ensuring the health and wellness of our students is a collaborative endeavour. All members of the team work together to guarantee that students always feel fully supported.

Social media has created a whole new set of issues with regards to wellness. As a team, we stay on trend and pay attention. We’re there for students and we try to be aware of what’s going on within their worlds. 

Gillian Shadley, Coordinator of Wellness and Outreach Programs