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A music-rich experience that includes singing or playing an instrument is not only enjoyable for students, it also brings with it countless benefits. Music education helps them to build self-esteem, cultivate social skills and learn discipline and teamwork.


The Junior School choir performs throughout the year at school events, such as the Volunteers’ Breakfast and our holiday concert, and at a variety of locations around the city.

Glee Club

A great choice for Middle School students who love to sing. Practices are held on specified days after lunch and students prepare songs to be performed at school events.

Jazz Band

Nothing lights up all areas of the brain simultaneously like playing and reading music.

At the high school level, there are several options for students wishing to be part of a music ensemble:

  • Senior Jazz Band is offered to Senior School students who play an instrument. They learn a variety of music styles and perform in school concerts and LCC’s annual Café Cabaret. The Senior Jazz Band travels internationally or to New York and Boston in alternating years.
  • Jazz Combo is a small ensemble for Senior School students where the main focus is on developing improvisational skills. Students perform at assemblies, open houses and other special LCC events.
  • Grade 8 Jazz Band is offered from April to June. Students perform in the Spring Concert.

Junior School Choir

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Middle School Glee Club

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Senior Band