2020-2021 Achievements


THANK YOU to our parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of LCC for embracing our annual giving program, and for responding to our call every year. 

Approximately 761 donors contributed a total of $534K (up from $467K last year).

  • 49% (294 donors) of the parent community donated over $262K
  • 7% (303 donors) of the alumni community donated over $233K
  • 75% of faculty and staff donated over $20K
  • Retired faculty and staff, past parents, grandparents and friends donated over $17K

Allocation of funds:

  • Over $321K directed to the LCC Foundation to boost the endowment and strengthen the financial aid and scholarship program.  
    • $67K directed to the General Bursary Fund
    • $254K directed to named (endowed) funds
  • Over $213K enhanced the academic and co-curricular programs of the school and provided immediate bursaries to deserving students. 


Enhanced Academics 

  • $40K for 12 digital whiteboards, a classroom tech solution we are piloting to replace the standard projectors and whiteboards
  • $25K for upgraded equipment in the Design & Innovation Centre, a creative space our students use to bring their ideas to life every day
  • $5K for a lightboard to further enhance the in-person and virtual school learning experiences for our students
  • $6K for additional coding materials, including the Microbit creation project for Middle and Senior School students to build computers
Lightboard for grade 10 enriched algebra



Strengthened Bursary Program

  • Over $50K disbursed for immediate bursaries 
Bursary Program: Denys Heward '63
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Enhanced co-curriculars 

  • $20K for the Poplar Lounge, making it a more comfortable space for our students to study, either individually or in groups
  • $18K for a baseball batting cage
  • $14K toward the Staff for Students Fund, giving students an opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities that would otherwise be out of reach
  • $7K for additional outdoor equipment for Junior School 
  • $6.5K for an additional basketball shooting machine that allows students to train without body contact
  • $4K for professional training of kindergarten to grade 8 teachers to further support the social, emotional and learning curriculum
  • $3K for outdoor equipment for the the Duke of Edinburgh trips
  • $3K for a vital signs monitor for the Health Office
The Poplar Lounge




  • The Class of 2021 Bursary closed with a record-breaking total of $149,251 (including major gift pledges). 
  • The Class of 2026 Bursary launched with an impressive total of $19,924.