2021-2022 Achievements

THANK YOU to our parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of LCC for embracing our annual giving program, and for responding to our call every year. 

Thank you for setting a new record of $585K and making LCC a better place.

  • 49%  of parent community donated over $287K
  • 7% of the alumni community donated over $252K participation
  • 80% of faculty and staff donated over $20K
  • Retired faculty and staff, past parents, grandparents and friends donated over $26K

Allocation of Funds

  • Over $365K will be directed to the LCC Foundation to boost the school's bursary program. Today, one in seven students - from grades 7 to Pre-U - receives an award, making LCC more accessible to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
    • $95K directed to the General Bursary Fund
    • $270K directed to named (endowed) fund
  • Over $220K will serve to enhance the academic and co-curricular programs and provide immediate bursaries to students.

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Priority projects included:

Enhanced Academics

  • Additional professional development for faculty in order to support the emotional and social development of our students.
  • Parent session on the 18 Umbrella Skills: What they can do to support their children's well-being without compromising their own. 
  • Clara Hughes, speaker on mental health and well-being as part of the Destiny Quebec Global Issues Conference. 
  • Active learning furniture for the Junior School de Gaspé Beaubien Exploratorium 
  • Books and materials for the library. 
  • Acquisition and integration of various accommodation tools, to help all students understand how they learn so they can better manage their academic tasks and reach their full potential. 

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Strengthened Bursary Program

  • $70K disbursed for immediate bursaries 

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Enhanced co-curriculars 

  • Furniture for the Student Activity Centre
  • Risers for the Junior School choir 
  • Keyboards and robotics club materials for Junior School 
  • Displays for Senior School artwork 
  • Athletic equipment to improve the soccer program and additional training equipment for the Tsatas Fitness Centre

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  • Class of 2022 Bursary: $65,181
  • Class of 2027 Bursary:: $28,707
  • Class of  2026 Bursary: $28,124